Laura R’s Portraits

My former housemate/sister-friend Laura is getting ready to go to Mozambique, Africa this summer to attend the Iris Harvest School of Missions.  She’s going to spend 10 weeks loving on orphans, healing the blind and deaf, and probably raising the dead…that’s normal there.  This was a fun portrait session that we had talked about doing for a while but we waited until we were sure that she was going so that we could do this to celebrate her acceptance!  Laura is an amazing artist and musician.  After spending the summer last year with her living in the room next door and traveling around playing together I try to take her with me everywhere I go to play music because we flow so well.  She sings, plays guitar, piano, and violin amazingly AND paints beautifully AND draws AND tie-dyes like no one’s business.  🙂  I have such wonderfully creative friends and it’s fun to get to do things like this to support them!  You can see some of her painting work on her etsy (she does custom paintings as well) or read her blog to hear more of her heart for Africa.  She’s making tie-dye shirts/head bands/scrubs/anything-else-you-could-want-tie-dyed to raise support and let me tell you, you’ve never seen tie-dye like this before!  She also custom paints shoes!  I know…so much talent!  So hard to pick faves from this shoot to share but here you go:

Some fun details!  I couldn’t get enough of those boots!

A little dose of Laura Out Loud Personality and some crazy fun graffiti we found!

A group of local musicians (who are amazing and happen to be friends of hers & mine) are getting together and doing a house concert in order to raise support for her as well…I’m actually playing in that concert which should be fun!!


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